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Establish the culture you believe in (Part 3)

Technology only works if people use it. Require that your team members learn to use your technology. In a separate post on this topic, we’ll discuss how to set up your employees' home workspace for success. Prior to that, however, efforts should be made to establish expectations that folks know how to use the various collaborative and meeting/communication tools. Too much time is wasted when people attempt to join a meeting and can’t get the technology to work. The worst thing that can happen is that your employees are trying to host or attend a meeting with the customer and can’t get the technology working, thus delaying the meeting. Customers rarely appreciate this, even if they are polite about it. Similar to this is when an attendee becomes obviously distracted by something in their home office, starts addressing it and doesn’t mute their microphone. EWW YUCK! Some of the calls we’ve heard! Wow!

The BEST solution is to PRACTICE using technology and get it right. Set the expectation that everyone is on time for a virtual meeting. Set a goal to motivate folks to get the meeting started on time; use incentives or gamification techniques to add a little play into meeting conduct (e.g. give a badge to everyone who arrives on time and uses technology correctly during a meeting; after some number of badges are earned, offer a reward meaningful to that employee such as a coffee gift card). A cost-free incentive can be that folks may earn back time if a meeting starts on time and ends early. (NOTE: offering incentives is not as easy as it seems and there can be tax implications depending on what is done; let us know if you have questions about how to establish meaningful incentives for your employees).

What technology solutions have you employed with your remote work teams? What’s working and what’s not? Let us know if any of these ideas helped and what other information you’d like by giving us a call or shooting us an email at info@archimedescc.com.

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