We know how hard it can be to keep track of all the details that go into a business. Below are a series of free to use templates, checklists, diagrams and other tools developed by Archimedes C&C that you can use for research, or to help your business keep on track!

Tools & Templates

Procedure Documentation Template

This easy to use form will allow you to quickly and accurately create a useful procedure document.  See our blog post: Business Tool: Procedure Documentation Template for more information on how to use this template to write a truly useful document.


Payroll Checklist Tool

The Payroll Checklist Tool was created to help small businesses prepare and complete periodic payroll easily and accurately. See our blog post: Business Tool: Payroll Checklist to view this tool online.

While the examples illustrate key steps in preparing for payroll and what records should be kept after the fact, this tool also offers links to resources for a variety of states. If your state is not listed, give us a call!


Sole Proprietor Checklist Tool

To help get started as a sole proprietor, we’ve provided a detailed checklist to guide you through the process and ensure no key steps are missed. To read more about why you might want to register as a sole proprietor, check out  our blog post: Sole Proprietorship: The Why, What and How.

Tutorials & Guides

Want To Learn More About These Resources?

We’re happy to answer any questions on how they work, suggestions on how they can be improved, or next steps you can take to help your business reach its full potential!

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