Lets Do The Math...

Average salary of an office manager


Estimated employer taxes


Estimated benefits


Cost of recruitment process (postings, interviews, etc.)


Cost of termination if it doesn’t work out

$2,500, a headache, and a lot of lost time

Not To Mention...

desks, technology, training, and bringing someone up to speed.  After all this, you can expect to spend close to $80,000 each year and you still only have one employee with one career’s worth of expertise.  With Archimedes C&C, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line to immediately have access to a suite of professionals.  You don’t have to worry about taxes, office supplies, or training.  And our client-friendly contract makes you feel safe if the day comes that you no longer need our services.

Let's Simplify That Spreadsheet

How It Works

1. Introduction

One of our industry experts will set up a meeting with you to learn about your business and start creating the perfect plan to fit your needs.

2. Proposal

Within a week you will receive a detailed proposal outlining the services we recommend, as well as a timeline for implementation, and a cost comparison between this plan and hiring your own staff.

3. Fulfillment

Once we have a signed contract we’ll get to work immediately!  Our schedule is your schedule, whether we're running payroll once a month, or working with you daily on a time-sensitive project.

4. Evaluation

We know that as every business grows, so do their needs. We’re always available to reevaluate how we can help you better. At the end of the year, we’ll reach out to review our performance and discuss next steps.

Archimedes C&C provides unparalleled small business management services, taking care of the details of operating your business so you don’t have to. With Archimedes C&C you remain in financial control while being able to devote yourself to the jobs that generate revenue, allowing us to take care of the rest. With over 40+ years of combined experience across a vast array of industries, Archimedes C&C is ready to take the stress out of small business management and get you back to the work you love.


Because each business is unique, with its own challenges and needs, we customize our quotes to work for you and your budget based on the scope of the job.  With a few exceptions, we typically bill as a flat monthly fee to optimize your cash flow so you’ll always know what to expect with no surprises. As the final month of your contract approaches, we re-evaluate your business’s needs to determine what, if any, changes should be made to the services we provide to ensure your continued satisfaction.

What We Can Do For You

Human Resources and Office Management

Building, training, and keeping the best team is crucial to a business’s success. Archimedes C&C is dedicated not just to ensuring you find the right fit for your team, but to ensuring their success throughout their relationship with your operation.



Need to staff up quickly? Archimedes C&C is available to work with you throughout the entire process, from crafting job descriptions, to sorting through applications, to scheduling the interviews.

On-boarding, Orientation & New Hire Training

We all know how much work it is to bring a new hire up to speed.  Archimedes C&C makes this process as smooth as possible by ensuring every policy and document is filled and signed, and all training materials are delivered.

Performance Review

Quarterly, annually, or on your own custom schedule, we conduct employee performance reviews and create improvement plans as necessary while making sure the process is documented fully using industry compliance standards.


Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, the termination of an employee is necessary. Archimedes C&C guarantees a legally compliant and empathetic termination, including any paperwork, benefit termination, and off-boarding necessary.

Labor Compliance Coordination

By monitoring labor compliance requirements, we can ensure you’re always up to date when it comes to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), anti-sexual harassment, and anti-discrimination laws. We can also recommend and monitor related training options ideal for your organization.

Vendor Services Coordination

No matter what service you’re looking for, Archimedes C&C will do the legwork to find the vendor that best meets your needs. We can help you determine what qualities are most important in a vendor, establish clear requirements for them, implement any necessary standards or procedures, and help monitor performance over time to ensure a beneficial relationship.

Financial Set Up, Maintenance, and Review

Accurate bookkeeping starts with understanding how our partners use their cash, including sources of cash inflow as well as outgoing expenses including payroll, taxes, and debts to loans. Once we get to understand the basics, we can then provide the service of setting up, analyzing, and maintaining financial activity on behalf of your organization.


Financial Aid Paperwork Completion

Finding funding for your company can feel like a second full-time job. Archimedes C&C will gladly take on the task of researching and applying for financial aid in the form of loans, grants, and other special programs, on behalf of your company.

Small Business Financial Analysis

To help you to make the most informed decision you can based on the most accurate information available, Archimedes C&C can give a close examination to your current financial situation and present a detailed financial analysis.

Accounting Systems Management

To ensure you’ve taken the best steps towards financial success, Archimedes C&C will set up your GAAP-compliant accounting system and train you or someone you delegate to operate and understand it, including training in generating financial reports, establishing owner equity, setting up the chart of accounts, record transactions and more.

Payroll and Payroll Compliance

Archimedes C&C helps you navigate payroll by using employee forms to establish proper withholding, calculate and pay required taxes, process payments, and audit records to meet compliance standards for state and national labor requirements.  We can also make recommendations and help you set up the perfect payroll system for your business needs.

Documents and Procedures

Balancing documentation and procedure creation is a tricky process. Too little and your business is in disarray with no clear direction or communication. Too much and you’re spending the entire day fighting paperwork and forms instead of tackling the tasks that really matter. Archimedes C&C can help you find this balance and ensure you have procedures that work for you and not the other way around.


Facilitating Organizational Set-Up

Getting your business off the ground requires a lot of up-front leg work. Let Archimedes C&C take care of laying the foundation by filing all the necessary forms to establish your business as a legal entity with the city and state, and obtaining any necessary licenses. We can also create operating agreements, set up accounting systems, and assist in capturing critical business policies and procedures.

Managing Documented Information

Already have your policies and procedures written down and ready to go? Archimedes C&C will give them a thorough audit to make sure your document management structure is fully optimized, and that everything is available in an easy-to-navigate hierarchy.

Contract Review

Whether you’re negotiating with a vendor or recruiting an employee, Archimedes C&C will gladly review the language in any contract to make sure terms and expectations are laid out clearly and with your best interests in mind. When appropriate, Archimedes C&C will work closely with you to craft alternative language.

Business Certifications and Applications

Many opportunities to bid on specialized contracts are available to small businesses, but most of these opportunities come with a lot of paperwork. Let us do the tedious paperwork while you get back to what you do best.  Archimedes C&C can help you apply for certifications such as the Minority Business Enterprise certification, Women’s Business Enterprise certification, B Corp certification, LEED certification, and more!

Grants and Awards Submission

Whether you’re looking for special funding for a project or hoping to increase awareness in your industry’s arena, Archimedes C&C will research and submit applications to grant opportunities as well as industry and community awards on your behalf.

The Archimedes C&C Guarantee

At Archimedes C&C, we understand that your business is more than a stack of paperwork, and that you are more than just an invoice.

Our services and solutions are data-informed to ensure our work is effective and satisfactory. Our team is founded on integrity, initiative, and respect to ensure you never have a bad experience.


Nobody likes talking to a brick wall! We tailor our correspondence to your needs, whether that’s daily check-ins, emailed reports, or simply a job well done, and can adjust our services to meet your business’s changing requirements.


We respect your private information and will never share any information with third parties without your explicit, informed consent.


At Archimedes C&C, we believe surprises should be saved for birthday parties. You remain in control of all information we work with. We can explain every step of the way, and will always be straightforward and honest.


Promises are no good if they aren’t kept. Archimedes C&C strives to ensure every deadline is met on time, every time.

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